Our First Days Together

Baby Inez was said to be about four months old by the catchers.  She arrived and we watched for water drinking and pooping before giving her some of the beautiful hay I had bought from a local hay farmer recommended to me.  Gnats, flies and bees were landing on and annoying her.  Shannon suggested I wrap some rags soaked in lemon balm and eucalyptus oil on the tree she was rubbing on.   Besides her head wound from loading she had little scratches, some raw spots where she had been scratching and eye mucous.  We noticed her belly was distended and assumed worms and that she had a small umbilical hernia, which is fairly common.

I knew she would be worried without her herd.  Less than five days ago she had been a wild horse with a mother and a herd and a range.  I hung out my hammock next to her paddock and set up my bed.


As far as her emotional state, she was tenative but curious and within two days, I had a touch to her neck under my belt.  I was moving slow and low and keeping my energy very soft.


On day four, Shannon came over to show me some basic touch and turn ideas to use.  Sending her forward, inviting her in, all things I had been learning at Horse to Human the past three years.  I was able to get a few side touches and she was slower to leave.

On day five, she was following me around as I cleaned her pen.  She finally accepted some withers and fanny scritches and even my husband Neil and the boys were able to touch and pet her.

IMG_5460-1On day seven I was greeted with some nickers when I approached and she finally ate her grain.  Mixed in with her grain was a probiotic, a little apple cider vinegar, herbs like slippery elm, chamomile and peppermint.

At night, I noticed she was much calmer and busily eating her hay.  During the day, we worked on short training sessions with plenty of scritches and time for naps out in the sun.


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