Autumn is a Time of Change

There have been so many firsts recently in my love story of raising Inez.  

Since her arrival, the only leader and mother she has had has been me.  She has had the pleasure of being part of my herd alongside her human siblings.  Watching my children grow as animal lovers and seeing them become confident around this once wild horse has been one of the greatest gifts.  

She has such a different and relaxed way with them, they are small, and so is she.  They never ask her to do anything outside of her comfort zone and instead shower her with love and attention.  I have to be the mom, I have to encourage her to keep moving forward, to trust and to be brave.  Sometimes I am envious of their relationship and it’s carefree nature.

She has been my shadow and when she is afraid of her own shadow, it’s me there to encourage her and let her know  she can do it.

She had a farrier visit from our amazing barefoot trimmer Ute of Balanced Step.  Her gentle energy won Inez over right away.  She was able to trim her at liberty.

Then we were on to planning for the winter which seems to be sneaking up far too quickly.  Blanket practice went from a simple touch to wearing it during the night within a few patient weeks.

We started with a touch, then eventually a rub, then a rub all over until we went through various stages of cover before finally velcroing it on.

Around the homestead we are ramping up tasks to finish before the storms come.  We are 90% complete on Casa Inez, designed and built by my amazing husband.

But, by far the biggest first is her first horse friend after being pulled off the range and becoming an orphan.  My sweet friend Hanni has loaned us Pippin the pony to teach Inez some horse manners and keep her company.  

For Inez it was love at first sight.  Pippin is very tolerant of her intense admiration.  I am now the third wheel.  It’s hard to let go of being the center of Inez’ universe,  of having her go anywhere with me, of knickers everytime I opened the door.  But, in my heart I know it’s right.  I am only able to give her two hours a day on weekdays and she deserves the joy of herd life and companionship.  On the bright side, thats twice as many sweet horses in my yard to love and teach me and my family.

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